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** April Fools Day screening at the Balboa! **

** DVD Release - March 01, 2010!! **
Enjoy the art of Art, anytime.

** A Dark Day **
Art Clokey passed away on January 08, 2010

** Great News **
Gumby Dharma receives the 2008 Documentary Emmy!!

** Upcoming Screenings + Broadcast Dates **
Sundance Channel Broadcast Dates Announced!!

Art Clokey's is a fascinating life and career in it's own right but also in how it gently influenced his characters and story lines for 40+ years.

His world famous characters, Gumby, Pokey and the rest of the gang, and his animation of Davey and Goliath, seem to echo the spiritual path of their creator/animator.

Art's animation work and personal brand of love of life has for almost half a century influenced millions of TV and film viewers and filmmakers across the world.

A consummate storyteller, we capture Art's story as he reminisces about his long life and his vast animation work. In addition, the film includes short interviews with some of the contemporary leaders in the animation world who have been touched and influenced by Art's pivotal contribution to the genre.

Highlight clips of Art's original, groundbreaking art films, Gumbasia and Mandala, appear in the film as well as clips of some of Art's favorite Gumby and Davey and Goliath episodes.

Also included is new stop motion work, (directed/animated by Academy Award Nominee Timothy Hittle) depicting 'interviews' with Gumby and some of the gang on their time with Art Clokey.

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